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Breath taking mountain scenery and nature, deep history and culture - Macedonia is the land of the sun and a perfect destination for adventure seekers looking for an off the beat destination, still unspoilt by the mass tourist industry. Macedonia has some of the most pristine nature in the world, drink from glacial mountain springs and follow the footsteps of Alexander the Great, the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. The different civilisations have all left their mark on Macedonia and its exquisite culinary experience reflect this.

During your adventures you will feel the warmth and friendliness of the Macedonians people as you sample local liqueur specialties such as Rakija and Mastika, be sure to try the local award winning wines as Macedonia boasts a 3000 year old wine making tradition.

Ancient monasteries, Ottoman bazaars and scenic lakes will have you delighted and wonder why you have not visited this beautiful unique country before.

Macedonia Tours - One Place, Many Adventures

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"Our favorite memory from Macedonia"

Jenny M, USA

"Breathtaking and worth visiting, it was an amazing day!"

Davor Z, Slovenia

"A holiday which we won't forget!"

Nathali C, Malta

"What an exhilarating experience!"

Pellister Downhill James R, Australia

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Macedonia Tours - One Place, Many Adventures Macedonia Tours - One Place, Many Adventures Macedonia Tours - One Place, Many Adventures Macedonia Tours - One Place, Many Adventures

Wine Tasting Skopje Tour

Macedonian Wine Tour Skopje

€ 150

One day wine tasting Skopje tour, visiting the ancient city of Stobi where one of the biggest wineries of Macedonia is located. After a tour of the winery we proceed to wine tasting and finish things of with delicious Macedonian food and wine.

Wine Experience

Macedonia wine tours

€ 600

Visiting 3 of the most prominent Macedonian wineries, get your senses ready to indulge in award winning wine on an area that has been making wine for thousands of years. With exquisite and local cuisine and cheeses, this three day tour is perfect to absor

Dionysus in Macedonia

€ 1390

If you are a culinary & wine lover, there is no better way to see Macedonia. We visit the most significant and spectacular cultural spotsin the country. Dionysus the god of wine was worshiped here thousands of years ago and this tour will show you why.

Grand Heritage Tour

Grand National Macedonia Tours

€ 1675

This ten day Grand Tour of Macedonian Culture & History, takes you through the best and most significant cultural, historical and culinary spots, prepare to truly experience and connect with Macedonia.

Best of the West

Majestic Beauty of Matka, Breath taking Mavrovo & the revered St John the Baptist

€ 140

Beautiful nature, deep tradition and culture is what this great one day tour of the west is about. With pick up and drop of from Skopje, we firstly stop off at Matka and take in the beautiful scenery then go for a short boat ride to explore the local...

Culture, Archeology & Wine Tour

Archeology and Wine Tour

€ 195

Departing from Skopje, we visit the mystical Kokino neolithic observatory, which was named by NASA as one of the most important ancient observatories in the world. We then continue to Stobi winery for an authentic Macedonian lunch, wine tasting and tour..

Matka Tour

The Majestic Beauty of Matka, pick up from Skopje

€ 85

Enjoy the splendors of Matka, on this 1 day tour. We pick you up from Skopje and take you to Matka where you will view the stunning scenery, go for a light kayak and visit the deep caverns via a boat ride. This is the best Matka tour available.

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Macedonia FAQ

As of April 22nd 2022, Macedonia is open to all tourists and does not require a negative test to enter the country. As of now, there are no entry requirements.

English is readily spoken in the main tourist areas in Skopje and Ohrid. Once you move out of the urban areas English is spoken less, although the younger generation are taught English in school. You can get by comfortably by only speaking English during your whole trip.

Macedonia is a very safe and even solo female friendly country. Some areas in the northwest of the country, particularly nightclubs and places of gambling should be avoided.

Yes, internet access is readily available through out Macedonia, with cafes offering WIFI and mobile telecommunication networks covering the whole country.

Credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, hotels and department stores. ATM facilities are also available in all metropolitan areas.

Macedonia is known for its clean water, it is safe and in many cases sourced straight from the mountains. No need for bottled water here unless stated otherwise by your local hosts.

Macedonians are friendly, hospitable and helpful. They tend to live life to the fullest and want visitors to enjoy their country as much as they do.

There is current strong political polarisation much like the rest of the world. The main two ethnic groups are the Macedonians and Albanians. Some ethnic tension exists, so steer clear of discussing local ethnic relations.

A disputed and controversial name change to "North Macedonia" is deeply unpopular and was rejected in a referendum. Ethnic Macedonian human rights have been violated and there is deep mistrust in corrupt politicians. To avoid offending Macedonians, refrain calling Macedonia, "North Macedonia".

Yes, Macedonia has amazing natural and cultural treasures with deep history and a friendly, warm people keen to show foreign visitors a great time. We have an array of tours in Macedonia to showcase the best of the country, often combining mountain hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, wine tours and other culture and nature spots.

Yes, Macedonia Times offers daily news in English and can be accessed via the following link: Macedonian news

Cost of a beer: €1
Cappuccino in a cafe: €1
Meal in a restaurant: €6
Meal in an expensive restaurant: €15

Depending on what you want to experience, around 7-14 days is the ideal amount of time to visit the best places and cultural sites. This of course includes visiting spectacular mountains and outdoor adventures like hiking, mountain biking or even horseback riding.

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