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3 DAY Wine Experience

Experience the best natural and cultural features of Macedonia through an unforgettable adventure.




€ 600  Per person twinshare


  • Museum of Wine
  • Delicious local cuisine - Culminery Experience
  • Tikves Winery
  • Temple of Wine tour
  • Stobi Archaeological site
  • Popova Kula Winery
  • Bovin Winery
  • Stobi Winery

Experience the rich Macedonian culture, with delicious authentic cuisine, deep history and thousands of years of wine making tradition.

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We will start with a visit of an ancient Roman city of Stobi, where we will have a tour around its ruins accompanied by a local guide. Very close to these city is situated one of our biggest wineries, Stobi winery. We will visit its rolling hills with never ending vineyards and learn about the charming Museum of Wine. After our few ours tour with lunch in this winery we will head to our next destination, the most famous Macedonian winery, Bovin. We will accommodate here.

Bovin is the most attractive wine in Macedonia. It has won a lot of medals in many European and world wine awards. We will have our breakfast here, together with a wine tour in its wine basement. After this we will head to our next winery and great tourist destination, Popova Kula in the city Demir Kapija. We will have an official tour in this temple of wine, with wine testing and diner in its restaurant.

After our breakfast we will head to the artificial lake Tikves Lake and we will absorb its beautiful natural surroundings. Today on our agenda is Tikves winery were we will have full wine tour. Here we will have our lunch and late afternoon we will head back to Skopje. Depending on your other schedule (other planned tours, flight schedule etc), we can arrange your accommodation before and after this tour in Skopje.

Departure Point:

Skopje, please inquire first if you need pickup from another city

Drop Off Point:








Group Size:

4 - 8


Min 5


May - Dec


All transfers, expert guide, breakfast & dinner daily, wine tasting


Tips if you wish to give any, wine purchases as needed. Hiking, bike riding and other activities available.

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€ 600

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Per person twinshare

MKD 37200
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