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10 DAY Grand Heritage Tour

Experience the best natural and cultural features of Macedonia through an unforgettable adventure.




€ 1675  Per person twinshare


  • Mavrovo - Visiting Vevchani, St Jovan Bigorski and Rajcica Monasteries
  • Macedonian Cuisine, Wine, Spirits, Music, Culture, Natural Beauty & History
  • Demir Kapija - Capital of Roman Macedonia, Stobi, Wine Tour in Popova Kula
  • Skopje - City tour, Museums, Millennium Cross, Matka
  • Ohrid - City Tour, Bay of Bones, St Naum, Boat Ride
  • Krusevo - Mechkin Kamen & Makedonium, city tour
  • Galicnik Wedding - Jewl of Macedonian Ethnography
  • Bitola - Ancient Heraclea, City Tour & Modern Culture

This Macedonia tour is in conjunction with UMD and its Birthright Macedonia program.

Travel through the best and most significant cultural, historical and culinary spots in Macedonia

Take a journey through time, exploring ancient history and traditions while experiencing modern Macedonian culture. Travel and stay in comfort for ten nights while experiencing the best Macedonia has to offer.


Skopje city tour and exploration of the Museum for Macedonian Struggle, Museum of Lazar Licenoski and unique and vibrant, Old Turkish Bazaar - the largest in the Balkans. Continuation to the famous Matka for a boat ride and tour of Vrelo Cave.


City tour, visiting Mother Teresa House, the Macedonian Archeological Museum and cable car ride to the top of Skopje, visiting the worlds largest cross, Millennium Cross.

Demir Kapija - Wine Country

Morning transfer to Stip and Novo Selo, visiting Sv. Dimitrija Solunski. After lunch we visit the ancient capital of Roman Macedonia, Stobi. Continuing to a wine tour with wine tasting and dinner at Macedonia’s premier winery, Popova Kula, staying overnight.


Exploring the origins of the town, we start with a tour of ancient Heraclea, founded by Phillip II of Macedon. Enjoying a lunch thereafter and a city tour of Bitola exploring the modern culture and vibrant coffee and fashion scene.


Visiting the cradle of the Macedonian Republic, Meckin Kamen and Makedonium during the national holiday Ilinden. Continuing on to Tose’s Church, the Krusevski Cross and the Museum of Licnosti. Return to Bitola.


City tour of Ohrid and free day, options to relax on the beach, swim, experience the culture and shop.


Morning boat ride to the neolithic settlement Bay of Bones, then continue to explore St. Naum and springs. Returning to Ohrid accommodation.


Visiting Vevchani and the Monastery at Rajcica and Sv Jovan Bigorski on our way to Mavrovo, where we explore the area and spend the night.


Morning transfer to Galicnik, attending the traditional folkloric Macedonian, 'Galicnik Wedding', a jewel in the Macedonian ethnic tradition. Mavrovo overnight and return to Galicnik for day 10.

Galicnik - Skopje

Transfer back to Skopje and lunch to close the tour.

Departure Point:

This Macedonia tour starts and concludes in Skopje.

Drop Off Point:



Republic of Macedonia





Group Size:

2 - 10


Min 18


Jul - Jul


10 Nights Accommodation 4 stars , professional tour guide/historian, large breakfast daily, all transfers, entries & transport, 24/7 support.


Please allow an extra 10-30 euros per day for lunch and dinner: food is great quality and very cheap.

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