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2 DAY Waterfall Adventure

Experience the best natural and cultural features of Macedonia through an unforgettable adventure.




€ 245  


  • Lord of the Rings style scenery
  • Chance of viewing wild life
  • Physically challenging mountain hike
  • Delicious mountain fruits and water
  • 120m spectacular waterfall at our campsite

A fabulous 2 day hike up spectacular mountain ranges, luscious forest full of wild life reaching the isolated Korab waterfall. A camping adventure you will never forget!

Our overnight trip to Korab is an experience you will never forget, hiking near the highest peak in the Republic of Macedonia at 2,764m.

This journey goes through isolated mountain monasteries, with delicious mountain fruit ripe for tasting, blue berries and strawberries are abundant.

This hiking adventure in Macedonia is physically challenging (six hour hike on the first day) so prepare for a workout as we hike upward. The Macedonian mountains are alive so there is always a chance to spot wild animals like deer or bears and chance of hearing wolves howling in the distance. The very rare and elusive Macedonian lynx also lives in these mountains, the lynx is a national symbol of Macedonia and is featured on the 5 denar coin.

As we reach our destination we are greeting with a spectacularl view, a landscape of mountain peaks and a magnificent waterfall (korab waterfall). Soaking in the wonderful natural ambient we setup camp underneath the waterfall. Here wood is collected and a fire is started to keep us warm during the night and used to prepare our food for the feast whilst enjoying famous Macedonian Rakija.

Our descent the following day is easier, following the mountain rivers down, here there is a chance to see deer in the wild and drink pristine water just melted from the winter snow.

Walking down different forests until we finally reach our destination at Popova Sapka. This is a Macedonia hiking trip you will not forget.

Departure Point:


Drop Off Point:



Korab, West Macedonia





Group Size:

2 - 8


Min 18


May - Oct


Camping Tent, Sleeping Bag, Professional tour guide, Snacks, Traditional Macedonian feast.


Discounts given to sizeable groups & partner agencies

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€ 245

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