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7 DAY Dionysus in Macedonia

Experience the best natural and cultural features of Macedonia through an unforgettable adventure.




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  • Ohrid Tour
  • Stobi Archaeological & Wine tour
  • Skovin Winery, Skopje Tour
  • Bovin Winery
  • Temple of Wine tour
  • Beautiful Popova Kula
  • Museum of Wine
  • Tikves Winery
  • Vevchani
  • Delicious local cuisine
  • Wine Tasting

We will start with a sightseeing of Skopje. We will visit the old part of the town and a few amenities like the house of Mother Teresa, The Stone Bridge, church St. Spas, built at the end of the XVII century, and place which holds the relics of the greatest Macedonian Revolutionary Goce Delcev (1872-1903), Fortress Kale etc. Our first winery will be Skovin. We will take a tour through the barrique wine cellar and learn more about the process of production of these wines under the assistance of professional sommeliers. Here, during our diner we will taste and one of the best Macedonian traditional alcoholic beverages called rakija. We will sleep in a hotel in Skopje.

In the morning we will visit an ancient Roman city of Stobi, where we will have a tour around its ruins accompanied by a local guide. Very close to these city is situated one of our biggest wineries, Stobi winery. We will visit its rolling hills with never ending vineyards and learn about the charming Museum of Wine. After our few ours tour with lunch in this winery we will head to our next destination, our next winery and great tourist destination, Popova Kula in the city Demir Kapija.

This all day we will be accommodated in this beautiful winery. We can enjoy in few attractions in the region like hiking by the river and to the remaining of the ancient fortress, picnic by a warm pool suited for refreshment surrounded by a rocks/boulders, off-road riding with jeep/SUV in a local village, mountain biking etc. At the end of the day we will have an official tour in this temple of wine, with wine testing and diner in its restaurant.

After our breakfast we will head to the artificial lake Tikves Lake and we will absorb its beautiful natural surroundings. Today we will have two wineries in our agenda. First is Tikves winery were we will have full wine tour. After that we will visit and accommodate in the most famous Macedonian winery, Bovin. It has won a lot of medals in many European and world wine awards. We will spend our night here with this amazing wine and delicious Macedonian food.

Our next destination is the tourist municipality of Vevcani. It is situated at the foot of the Jablanica mountain range at 900 meters above sea level where an untouched natural beauty is all around you. Here we can take a hiking or horse riding tour and visit few old monasteries, natural spring, sheepfold. In Vevcani there is the smallest winery in Macedonia, situated in the basement of a private house, where its owner produces about 5000 bottles of quality wine. We will visit this winery and taste this wine in some of the local restaurants. There are a lot of authentic Macedonian restaurants with delicious traditional food in which we will enjoy.

After our departure we will visit Ohrid, the most famous Macedonian town, situated by the Ohrid Lake, one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes, preserving a unique aquatic ecosystem that is of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species. For more than 25 years Ohrid and Lake Ohrid are accepted as Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. We will take a short tour in this town; visit some of its cultural heritages like monastery of st. Naum, church of st. John at Kaneo, Samuel’s Fortress. Late afternoon we will head to the village Janche, in the western part of Macedonia. Here we will accommodate in a hotel with a restaurant with the most beautiful sightseeing with its surrounded mountains insight the Mavrovo National Park. Faraway of any crowded city, highway or industrial complex, this place has the cleanest, full and beautiful nature in Macedonia. Delicious and local traditional food will be on our many again.

We will start this last day with visiting of the tourist place Mavrovi Anovi right by the Mavrovo Lake. On our way back to Skopje, we will visit the springs of the biggest Macedonian river Vardar, and we will stop for a lunch in a fish restaurant in Vrutok where we will taste the famous River Pastrmka. We will arrive in Skopje late in the evening. Depending on your other schedule (other planned tours, flight schedule etc), we can arrange your accommodation before and after this tour in Skopje.

Departure Point:

Skopje, please inquire first if you need pickup from another city

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Group Size:

4 - 8


Min 18


May - Oct


All transfers, expert guide, breakfast & dinner daily, wine tasting, all tours, 3-4 Star accommodation. Focus on wine and culinary experience.


Tips if you wish to give any, wine purchases. Biking, hiking and other activities are available throughout.

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